The Eternals #13 (1976 1st Series) High Grade Bronze Age MARVEL Comic MCU Movie on Disney+!


Title: Astronauts


While the Eternals are still part of the Uni-Mind, the Deviants launch a giant missile at the Celestials! Only Sprite remains to stop it, and he’ll have to get help from an unlikely ally!

The Deviants launch a spaceship with an energetic bomb inside towards the Celestials Spaceship around the Earth. The humans also send a rocket to take pictures of the giant Spaceship. Sprite discovers the plans of the Deviants and convinces the Forgotten to destroy their ship, by sending him to the space. Just a moment before the bomb impact, the One Above All, inside the Celestials Ship, change all the astronauts between Ships, sending the humans to the Eternal’s ship, the deviants to the human rocket and the Forgotten to the deviants’ ship with the bomb. He succeed at destroying the bomb and saves the Earth, while the deviants explodes with the rocket, unable to land it. The astronauts landed the Eternal’s ship easily with the power of thoughts.

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Beautiful High Grade Very Fine+  8.5 Looking! The Eternals #13 (1976 1st Series) High Grade Bronze Age MARVEL Comic MCU Movie on Disney+!

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Archie Goodwin – editor, Glynis Oliver Wein – colorist, Jack Kirby – writer, penciler, cover, Michael Royer – letterer, inker,


Brother Tode, Gilgamesh, Kro, Matt Durgan, One Above All, Sprite, Terry Parker,

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