The Eternals #9 (1976 1st Series) High Grade Bronze Age MARVEL Comic MCU Movie on Disney+!


Title: The Killing Machine!!


Just as the Celestials reveal their existence to the people of earth, they launch an all-out attack on the Deviant kingdom Lemuria! Will Thena choose love over loyalty and side with Kro against her own people?

Ikaris, Makkari and Margo are flying towards Olympia when a giant monster shows up, but it turns out to be just a trick of Sprite. Inside the city, Domo and Zuras are talking about the Celestials that had shown up on Earth to watch over the Humans, Deviants and Eternals. Nezarr at Siberia, Oneg at Australia, Hargen at Swiss Alps and Eson at Miami Beach, they all show up and stay watching and analyzing their creations.

At Deviant’s city a battle is about to start between Karkas and Ransak. Ransak wins and then tries to destroy the royal people of the Deviants for hating him. Suddenly Eson shows up and easily attacks the defense system of the city.

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The Killing Machine!!

Beautiful High Grade Very Fine+  8.5 Looking! The Eternals #9 (1976 1st Series) High Grade Bronze Age MARVEL Comic MCU Movie on Disney+!

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Archie Goodwin – editor, Glynis Oliver Wein – colorist, Jack Kirby – writer, editor, penciler, Michael Royer – letterer, inker,


Brother Tode, Domo, Eson the Searcher, Hargen the Measurer, Ikaris, Karkas, Kro, Makkari, Margo Damian, Nezarr the Calculator, Oneg the Prober, Ransak the Reject, Sprite, Thena, Zuras,

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